Before You Visit The Casino

Playing the daunting game of poker in a casino has its own charm. The solid poker table, the poker faces of opponents, the colorful deck of cards, the bohemian poker chips add to the glory of the most celebrated card game in the world-poker.

Online Poker Tips for Players

Mastering poker takes time and patience. The game just like any other gambling game is not solely dependent on luck and tricks and tips can do wonders for you. When you start seeing hands make it a point to hold up to them. Seeing and recognizing hands will greatly improve your skills.

About Poker Room Promotions

The most famous and popular game that is played online is poker and poker fans that don’t play or want to learn how to play get on the table on online poker tips site. Now because every player has his own preference, so it depends on your choice for the right poker room. Some want […]

Online Poker Tutorial

Today more and more people are getting into online poker sites because playing online not only saves your time but also saves your money. Playing at casinos consume most of your time in travelling whereas while playing online, you get an advantage to play from wherever you are and at any time you want. All […]

Poker Tips and Advice

What to do with Ace King? When you get an Ace King in a round of poker, what you have is a very strong hand to start with especially when they are suited in a no limit hold ‘em. Though you have excellent cards you need the right strategy to play them well and win […]

Casino Games That Give Big Payouts

Generally speaking, if you are a professional gambler, then the games which provide the most fun for you are the ones that offer not just a higher chance for payouts, but the biggest payouts altogether. Now, of course, this is not true for everyone, no one is saying that. However, if it is true, then […]

Best Ways to Deal with Poker Tilt

When a poker player deals with so much stress because of a series of bad beats, he has the strong tendency to go on tilt. If you are on a tilt, they your bankroll suffers a lot since you decide using your emotions and not your logic. At first you might not lose money at […]

Knowing Your Relative Position in Poker

As any experienced player would tell you, anticipating other players’ positions in poker is vital if you want to make the right moves. This is true most especially in Texas Hold’em. It’s always an advantage to act last and see your opponent’s play before you make your own move.

Texas Holdem Pocket Queens Strategy

When you’re playing a game of No Limit Texas Hold’em, the best hand to have is a pair of Queens. This is especially true if you’re playing right before the flop. This is because if you ever get caught in a raise, the only hands you have to fear are kings or aces. After the […]

Is Poker More Luck Than Skill?

So is poker a game of luck or a game of skill? This seems like an eternal question. In poker getting strong hands may result from your preparation. People do not get lucky on their own. They become lucky when they set themselves up to get lucky, and that is what they must do if they […]